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This list includes most GPA named applications and code components. Many products have their own GitHub repositories and others share repositories with other products.

Name Type Description Repository
- A -
ARMORE security ARMORE Logo
Azure Cloud Adapter interface CloudIO Logo
- B -
Broccoli Sharp interface BroccoliSharp Logo
- C -
C37.118 Serial Port Scanner utility ACPScanner Logo
CSV-2-DB Utility utility CSV2DB Logo
- D -
Data Migration Utility utility DMU Logo
dD Export disturbance dDExport Logo
dD Tools disturbance dDTools Logo
- G -
GEP - Gateway Exchange Protocol protocol GEP Logo
GEP Connection Tester utility GEPct Logo
GEP Data Extractor utility GEPde Logo
Gemstone Library technology Gemstone Logo
Go2CS utility GO2CS Logo
Grafana Data Plug-Ins interface GrafanaDataPI Logo
Grafana Panel Plug-Ins code GrafanaPanelPI Logo
Grid Solutions Framework technology GSF Logo
GSF Log View Utility utility GSFLogView Logo
- L -
Leveraged Technology code Leveraged Logo
LSCVS Report disturbance LSCVS Logo
- M -
miMD disturbance miMD Logo
MiPlan business MiPlan Logo
- N -
No Internet Fix Utility utility NIFU Logo
NOC Dashboard phasor NOC Logo
- O -
openEAS development EAS Logo
openECA development ECA Logo
openHistorian phasor Historian Logo
Historian Comparison Utility utility OHComparison Logo
Historian COMTRADE Utility utility OHComtrade Logo
Historian Conversion Utility utility OHConversion Logo
Historian CSV Extractor utility OHExtractor Logo
Historian Data Walker utility OHWalker Logo
Historian Integrity Utility utility OHIntegrity Logo
Historian Python API utility OHPythonAPI Logo
Historian View utility OHView Logo
openMIC disturbance MIC Logo
openMIC EE disturbance MICEE Logo
openPDC APP Configuration Import utility APPImporter Logo
openPDC SEL Configuration Import utility SELImporter Logo
openPDC phasor PDC Logo
openSEE disturbance SEE Logo
openSPM compliance openSPM Logo
openXDA disturbance XDA Logo
openXDA API interface XDAapi Logo
openXDA Batch Transfer Utility disturbance XDAbatch Logo
openXDA PQView Data Loader disturbance XDApqv Logo
openVision utility OHVision Logo
- P -
PDQ Tracker phasor PDQTracker Logo
Performance Historian Playback utility HPU Logo
Performance Historian Report report PHReport Logo
PMU Connection Tester phasor Connection Logo
PQ Dashboard disturbance PQD Logo
PQ Digest disturbance PQDigest Logo
PQ Site Report disturbance SiteReport Logo
PQDIF Explorer utility PQDIFEx Logo
PQio utility PQio Logo
Project Alpha phasor Alpha Logo
PTP Sync phasor PTPSync Logo
- S -
SE Browser disturbance SEBrowser Logo
SIEGate phasor SIEGate Logo
SNAP db Engine code SnapDB Logo
Signal-to-Noise Report phasor STNReport Logo
SIM-Prox Service interface SIMPROX Logo
SOE Tools disturbance SOETools Logo
SPC Tools disturbance SPCTools Logo
Stream Splitter phasor SSS Logo
STTP - IEEE 2664 protocol STTP Logo
STTP Connection Tester utility STTPCT Logo
substatationSBG phasor SBG Logo
System Center disturbance SystemCenter Logo
- T -
Tag Update Utility utility TagUpdate Logo
TrenDAP disturbance TrenDAP Logo
Trip Coil Analysis Report disturbance TripCoil Logo
TSL - Time Series Library technology TSL Logo
TSL Adapter Explorer utility AExplorer Logo
TSL Adapters adapters links Logo
TSL Calculation State Manager utility BulkCalc Logo
- U -
UDP-2-Serial utility UDP2Serial Logo
Unbalance Report phasor UBReport Logo
- V -
Voltage Regulation Report disturbance VoltReg Logo

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