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GPA's business was founded on our ability to support large-scale synchropahsor data systems. GPA's synchrophasor products are tightly integrated and are designed for easy extendability. Our major synchropahsor products are:

  • openPDC - A high-performance phasor data concentrator
  • openHistorian - Efficient, low-cost storage of time-series data
  • substationSBG - Purpose built gateway for phasor data for use in substations
  • SIEGate - Security centric edge software for phasor and other operational data
  • PDQTracker - Reports on connectivity and data quality from PMUs
Phasor Products
Power Quality

GPA offers the full suite of tools necessary to collect, automatically analyze and store event and interval data from digital fault recorders, power quality meters, relays and other substation devices.

The major business driver for development of GPA's PQ and disturbance products is the creation of platforms for the open analysis and storage of data regardless of the vendor of the measurement device. Our major PQ and disturbance products are:

  • openXDA - The automated eXtensible Disturbance Analytics platform
  • PQ Dashboard - Graphical view of grid disturbance events
  • SE Browser - List-based view of disturbance events for power users
  • TrenDAP - View tool for interval and time-series data
  • openSEE - View and ad-hoc analytics tool for event waveforms
  • PQ Digest - Power quality data for utility customers and stakeholders
  • miMD - Meter Infrastructure Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • openMIC - Meter Interrogation for multiple device types and vendors
Disturbance Products

GPA products are built by leaning heavily on common GPA code libraries. GPA's code library components include support for many of the communications protocols used by the electric utility industry. GPA's major technology elements are:

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